Make Yourself Germ Free With Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

We all know that this Corona outbreak has hit the world and changed our lifestyle to a great extent. It is important to make use of various preventive measures like usage of mask, hand sanitizer, social distancing and much more.

Recently, Insttafresh launched a brand new technology named “Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser”in the market. This automatic sanitizer dispenser is totally a unique product different from other brands because of its innovative design and unbeatable features. 

Why the Touchless Hand Sanitizer should be your prime choice?

  • The product can be used effortlessly by anyone. The Touchless dispenser built-in design enables to use the product with zero touch.
  • The automatic dispenser is not only easy to use but also easy to refill. Just open the top, pour in the sanitizer and the task is done.
  • The automatic sanitizer dispenser can hold about 7.5 L of sanitizer.
  • The sleek sturdy design of the product is another point to fall for its purchase.
  • The process of its working requires minimum power and it works effortlessly on low power.

The mechanism behind the structure of touch free sanitizer dispenser-

The automatic dispenser is made with a main goal to safeguard people from germs and offer a healthy lifestyle. The whole structure is built with amazing features and outstanding technology.

Technical specifications of Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser – 

  1. The total capacity of the product is – H_40cm, D- 30m, W- 30.

2. The product needs minimum electric power to work. It requires around 240 electric inputs to make hands germs free.

3. The accurate power consumption of the dispenser are –Idle  mode power consumption is about <0.7 VA and the working mode power consumption is about <7.2 VA

4. Another point which seals the deal worth is the nozzle build-in. It sprays the sanitizer to your hands and avoids the dripping problem.

5. Another big advantage in the structure is that it comes with a controllable microcontroller that allows you to adjust the volume of a spray of the dispenser.

6. The body of the dispenser is made with ABS material. This gives it a fancy classy look from outside.

7. The total capacity of the sanitizer dispenser is 7.5 litres.

8. The Touchless sanitizer dispenser is a modern design and comes with a wall-mounted feature.

All the features to seal the deal-

The body of the dispenser is elegantly designed which gives an outstanding modern outer look to the device which standouts in the market.

  • Along with the elegant outer look, the product with a Brand packaging gives a value to the people who install it.
  • The wall-mounted feature gives you a classic luxury feeling to install at your homes or office for daily use.
  • The delivery of the product by the company is already ruggedly tested and the results are perfect so that nothing happens to the device in any condition in the delivery period.
  • From all the specifications, we can surely say that the product had impeccable performance considering the electric requirement as well as the best nozzle sprays technology involved. The inset fresh has strived to give the best.

The Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser is a masterpiece. When a collection of brilliant minds, hearts and souls come together you can expect a masterpiece and this “Touchless Sanitizer dispenser” is one.

Click on the website and own ONE such masterpiece for your home or office to have a healthy lifestyle.

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