Vista Heights – Corona Free Zone

Zolo Stays’ Vista Heights Belongs to A Green Zone

With an alarming rise in the cases of coronavirus all over the country, there is hardly any safe zone remaining in the cities. And Zolo Stays’ Vista Heights is one of the green zones in the city. So, you can definitely call this place safe and peaceful when it comes to fighting against the deadly disease, and safe for your investment in Chennai. Today, let’s see how is this property able to keep the containment areas out of its premises.

Vista Heights is a relatively new project of SRR Developers in collaboration with Zolo Stays that offers a safer option of real estate investment in Chennai. This property has real good amenities; however, the highlight of this society is that it is ready to face any future crises, which is coming handy in the face of Novel Corona pandemic problems. Even during these extreme times of COVID-19, this society is taking proper precautions to keep the flatmates safe, residence secured, and owners of the property stress-free.

Here are some of the measures, Zolo Stays has implemented to keep the premises and property Corona-free:

Regular Cleaning and Housekeeping

There is no vaccine or treatment yet available for this deadly virus. The only way to fight against it is to keep yourself at safe distance from the virus and keeping your immunity strong for avoiding any harm in case of infection. And the very first step we took to help you stay fit and fine is by offering daily cleaning and housekeeping services to keep your premises hygienic. We use hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaning agents to clean rooms, common areas, and washrooms. We also make sure to clean all the areas that come more frequently in contacts like doorknobs, flush handles, switches, and taps.

Daily Essentials Available in The Premises

Implementation of lockdown all over the nation has enabled Vista Heights to take some quick actions like making daily essentials available in the society itself. Therefore, there is no need to go out for anything and stay safe in your place itself. There is a supermarket in the area that helps you with grocery and daily essentials like milk, bread, and eggs. You can also avail food and vegetables nearby, and avoid going out or contacting people to stay safe from the deadly virus.

Internet Connection

Working from home has become a new caption and lifestyle these days. So, a high-speed internet connection has become an inseparable part of our lives. This property has access to high-speed connection and you can get one for yourself. With the internet, electricity, and water supply all around the clock, it becomes easier and more convenient to stay indoors and relax or complete your office work.

Spacious Property and Common Areas

Lastly, every property of Zolo Stays is spacious with huge common areas. This means you won’t feel confined in four walls without the leverage to roam a bit. The property itself is spacious enough with huge balconies to get some fresh air and evening teas. A change of place and some natural beauty definitely pumps up the spirits. And that is possible within these social areas.


Therefore, you can think of it as a safe and smart real estate investment in Chennai. Moreover, you can also rent the property or as tied up with Zolo Stays, earn some more money from the business. This means it is not only a safe but also a profitable investment in Chennai that will pay off its price in the future. Find more details of this property on its official website and call in for any doubts or information about it. Stay Safe, Stay Secured!

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